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Vietnam War Picture Gallery...

We are always adding new Vietnam War Pictures to the Vietnam War Gallery, so feel free to head over to the gallery pages to check out the new additions.  Some of the new Vietnam War images include unique photographs of battlefield surgery, pet companions during the war, recon plane crash and many more.  CLICK HERE to begin your tour of duty through our Vietnam War Pictures Gallery and experience the war through the lens of the men on the ground and in the middle of the action.

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Vietnam War Picture Gallery.

Recon plane crash into Vietnam War jungle area.

This Month's Featured Vietnam War Picture...

This picture captures the aftermath of a plane crash involving an L19 reconnaissance  plane.  The primary mission of the light reconnaissance aircraft on the Vietnam battlefield was to identify military targets and to communicated coordinates for positioning of air strikes by fighter bombers as well as helicopter gun ships on enemy positions. 

These single engine light aircraft often flew at extremely low altitudes to spot targets and as a strategy of avoiding large munitions retaliation, but this left them vulnerable to direct small arms fire from enemy ground troops.

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Vietnam War History Forums with discussion about WWI WWI Vietnam War Korean Gulf War Iraq War and more

War History pictures from WWI WWI Vietnam War Korean Gulf War Iraq War and more.

New War History Images Gallery...

There are some truly stunning images out there of historic moments in war history hidden away in old family photo albums or stored  in dusty shoe boxes.  In this section we are putting together a collection of historic war related photographs that bring those old forgotten pictures back to life for all of us to appreciate their value. Click Here to visit the War History Gallery.

If you have an historic image of a relative or service person that you would like to display in this section, you can email it to the webmaster at WEBMASTER@PATRIOTDUTY.COM along with a short description of anything you know about the image and we will attempt to post it to the site. Images can be attached to the email in .JPG format and should be of a good size and image quality. Images must not have copyright restrictions and should be from your personal collection.

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Last Month's Featured Vietnam War Picture...

In some US Army Advisory bases, pets often gave the men a much needed distraction from the demands of their duties.  In this case, two monkeys are brought together in a carefully coordinated marriage ceremony to the delight of all on the base.

Charlie, an Army monkey and Victoria, an Air Force monkey are soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fink with the blessings of two presiding Colonels.  Victoria was flown in especially for the occasion and the two newlyweds sealed the deal with paw prints on a certificate of marriage.

Charlie and Victoria soon become local celebrities and many troops would often pay them a visit on their way through the base.

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United States soldiers marry monkeys in Vietnam War.

Vietnam War picture of Sergeant Major Higgins.

The Story of the site...

You might be visiting this site for any number of reasons.  Perhaps you are a Vietnam War veteran who is looking to re-visit your past. Maybe you are a student doing a class assignment on the history of the Vietnam conflict.  Whatever the reason that has brought you to this site, it is my hope that the images and stories provided by Sergeant Major Higgins will give you a unique insight into one man's tour of duty during the Vietnam War.

Sergeant Major Higgins is a respected  military professional with a lifetime worth of experience in some of history's most difficult conflicts.  He is also my father and I feel that the value of the images and stories is incalculable in the endeavour to gain an accurate perspective on history shaping  events of the calibre of the Vietnam War.

War is a destructive and complex human activity.  Regardless of your personal opinion of War, it must always be remembered that once the path of war has been embarked upon, it is the men and women on the ground that must manoeuvre their lives through extremely challenging and extraordinary circumstances.  The vast  majority of us will never be faced with the realities of human conflict at this level and simply cannot comprehend the life changing influences faced by a war's participants.  It is for this reason that every honourable veteran of any war deserves our utmost respect and remembrance for the valiant duties they have performed.

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The Story of the man...

While growing up in the coal mining communities of Kentucky in the 30's and 40's, Sergeant Major Higgins learned some of the crucial skills that would later make him the self-sufficient professional he later became. 

The life of a coal mining family teaches you many tough lessons early in life, one of which is resourcefulness.  This talent was soon put to it's ultimate use when SGM Higgins began his military career  with assignments  in Germany and Korea.

His tour of duty during the Vietnam War  centered around his responsibilities as Senior Enlisted Medial Advisor to MACV Advisory Team 87 and the 10th Infantry Division ARVN.  Supervision of medical civil action programs in the Xuan Loc area, Long Khan, Bien Hoa, Phuoc Tuy and Binn Tuy Province included treatment and evacuation of wounded US and ARVN personnel.  In order to accomplish these duties, SGM Higgins conducted several key infrastructure projects that saw the construction of crucial assets including an underground dispensary for the care of US Advisory Air Force and Special Forces personnel within Xuan Loc area. 

The participation in the formulation of a medical company in support of the 10th Infantry Division in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and responsibility for all enlisted medical personnel assigned to MACV Advisory Team 87 has given SGM Higgins a unique personal vantage point from which to document some fascinating elements of the Vietnam conflict through the means of photography.

After receiving numerous awards for his accomplishments during the Vietnam War, SGM Higgins went on to complete his US Military career with successful duties in Okinawa, Hong Kong and Australia.

With lessons learned from his years of outstanding service in a range of scenarios, SGM Higgins went on to become just as constructive and successful in his civilian career.  His significant accomplishments include the renowned  development of child care programs and facilities that have greatly impacted the lives of many children as well as established a legacy of care that continues today.

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Combat Picture of Sergeant Major Higgins taken during the Vietnam War.

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